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15Jun, 2010

Hey guys,

I just landed in Miami a couple days ago and have been enjoying some relaxation. My girlfriend, Michelle, has a great set up here in Sunny Isles. It has everything I need. The beach is right outside my window, gym is downstairs, refrigerator is stocked, and there is a yamaha keyboard on the kitchen table. I’ve really been missing my keyboard. It’s something that usually never leaves my side, but I decided to leave it at home the last 2 months because we were traveling with so much luggage. I’ve already put some serious hours on it and am working on writing a couple new songs with David Baron.

Yesterday I went to get a haircut. I’d been reluctant to cut my hair while we were still on our little win streak. Now instead of having a mullet, I look like I’m headed to boot camp. Asked for a little off the top and she took the whole enchilada!

We have a good friend in Miami that teaches tennis on Fisher Island. Since we’ve decided to skip Queens, I plan on heading over there in a few days to use their grass courts. We were disappointed with our result in Paris but all in all felt it was a good clay court season. Winning #61 in Madrid was definitely the highlight. The Woodies record had been in our sights for a long time and to tie them there was a thrill.

I want to thank all our fans for the incredible support over our career. The love we feel from everyone is truly awesome and keeps us working hard every day to achieve our goals.

Talk to you soon,


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