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December 14, 2010

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Thank you to everyone who sent us messages. Michelle and I feel lucky to receive such an outpouring of love and support. Yesterday was a dream. We were married at 4pm in the chapel of the historic Old Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach in front of 12 of our immediate family members. Mike was my best man, Michelle’s older sister, Diane, was her maid of honor, and Michelle’s 4 year old nephew, Danny, was the ring bearer. When I saw Michelle walk down the aisle, my jaw dropped. She looked so beautiful. I had to use all my competitive spirit to steady my hands and fight back tears as we exchanged vows. Luckily, little Danny started crying towards the end of the ceremony which lightened the mood and loosened me up. He thought he would be the one to put the ring on Michelle’s finger and when the minister handed me the ring, the poor kid started bawling! After we left the chapel, we took pictures in the courtyard and then drove to South Beach to have dinner at Casa Tua, one of our favorite restaurants and a place we’d discovered during our stay at Sony Ericsson. The 4 course meal was delicious and included gluten-free options for Mike as well as a 3 story wedding cake. Mike, who had been dreading giving a speech, actually stepped up and gave a very nice heart-felt toast. There were other beautiful toasts by Michelle’s family and my Mom and, not surprisingly, my Dad wrapped up the speeches with a doozy! When everyone had said their goodbyes and the last pictures were taken, Michelle and I went to a nice Miami resort to start our first of many “mini-honeymoons.” It was the greatest day of my life and those of you who know Michelle, know how lucky I am to share my life with her.